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One year has passed since the dramatic showdown with the Cthulhu, and a lot has changed for the Hamadys: Abbas is on trial for murder, Amara has made a new start with Latif, and Toni can finally enter the real-estate business as he had dreamed of. However, his attempts to expand his family's influence endanger not only his marriage to Kalila, but also the powerful al-Saafis don't intend to give up their control of Berlin without a fight.


Der deutsche Fernsehpreis

Best director: Marvin Kren
Best actor: Kida Khodr Ramadan
Best film editing: Jan Hille and Lars Jordan

Goldene Kamera

Best mini series

Deutsche Akademie Für Fernsehen Award

Music category: Stefan Will and Marco Dreckkötter
Best actor: Frederick Lau
Casting category: Iris Baumüller
Production: Quirin Berg, Max Wiedemann, Prof. Dr. Eva Stadler, Karsten Rühle, Anke Greifeneder and Hannes Heyelmann
Editing: Anke Greifeneder
Director: Marvin Kren

Jupiter Award

Best TV series national


Best director TV series/series episode: Marvin Kren

Series Mania

Best actor in an international television series: Kida Khodr Ramadan

Series Mania

German Digital Award 2019:
„#4BlocksLive - 1 Day, 4 Blocks, 4 Challenges“
Gold – Social/Dialogue - Social Media Campaign

Series Mania

Webby Awards 2019:
“#4BlocksLive – 1 Day, 4 Blocks, 4 Challenges”
Honoree – Video: Live Experiences
Honoree – Social: Promotions & Contests

Series Mania

Eyes & Ears Award 2018:
„#4Blocks - The audience as part of the series!“
Best Digital Marketing Campaign

Series Mania

German Prize for Online Communication 2018:
„#4Blocks - The audience as part of the series!!“
Campaign of the Year 2018

Series Mania

German Digital Award 2018:
„#4Blocks - The audience as part of the series!“

Silver – Social/Dialogue - Social Media Campaign