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Porträt Abbas

Veysel Gelin

Abbas is not too worried about his upcoming trial for the murder of police officer Robert John – until the judge announces her verdict. Abbas is stunned and disappointed by Toni, who has retreated from him. Now, he only has his wife Ewa to trust. However, his demand for respect and honor not only lead to a dangerous altercation with his cellmate Frankie but is also allowing Kutscha to use the situation and drive a wedge between the brothers.

Veysel Gelin started rapping as a teenager. Using only his first name, he published his debut album “Audiovisuell” in 2014. Three years later he founded the label “Bela Boyz” and put out his follow-up album “Hitman”. The record includes the single “Kleiner Cabrón”, that earned him a gold disc. In November 2018 Veysel released his third album “Fuego”. The accompanying single “Habibo” made it to the Top 10.

Porträt Toni

Kida Khodr Ramadan

Toni finally has everything he ever dreamed of: The German citizenship, a house in the suburbs, a big real estate company. But the deaths of Vince and the family patriarch Hakeem have thrown him off track. Toni is more involved in the family business than ever before. Even though his actions threaten his marriage to Kalila, he is determined to expand the power of the Hamady family. Having the control over Berlin is just the beginning.

Kida Khodr Ramandan was discovered during a summer camp of director Neco Çelik. He had his TV debut in the director’s movie “Alltag” (2003), before landing several different parts in films like “Kebab Connection” (2004) ), „Ummah – Unter Freunden“ (2013) as well as made for TV productions such as „Tatort – Das Muli“ (2015). In 2017 he acted alongside Moritz Beibtreu in the drama “Nur Gott kann mich richten”. He has been awarded many prizes for his role in 4 Blocks, including the German Television Award for best actor.

Porträt Amara

Almila Bagriacik

Vince’s loss has struck Amara hard, but she has decided to start over with Latif and have a second child with him. She is trying to keep the family intact and is there for Kalila and Ewa when they need her, but she doesn’t want to be involved in the criminal activities of the men. Kutschas investigation methods are testing her loyalty.

Almila Bagriacik had her on-screen debut in the praised drama “When We Leave” (2010). Her first movie role was for „Hördur - Zwischen den Welten“ (2015), that had her win a nomination from the Association of German film critics as best actress. In 2017, she won the German acting prize for her portrayal in „Mitten in Deutschland: NSU – Die Opfer – Vergesst mich nicht“ (2016). As of 2018, she is playing the role of investigator Mila Sahin in the Kiel-based version of “Tatort”.

Porträt Kalila

Maryam Zaree

Kalilas dream of a quiet life seems lost and Tonis illegal activities have driven her out of their shared apartment. Although she loves her husband, she is not sure if they have a future together, so she puts all her energy into her work at a refugee housing project. When Tonis businesses start involving the refugee home, Kalila is faced with a difficult decision.

Maryam Zaree was born in Teheran, Iran, but grew up in Frankfurt and studied drama at the Film University Babelsberg. Her leading role in “Shahada” (2010) marked her breakthrough and earned her many awards. Additionally to being a part of European co-productions like the Belgian drama “Le Chant des hommes” (2015) and theater roles in Berlin, Zaree works as an author and is currently working on her first documentary film. Her acting in “4 Blocks” won her a Grimme-Prize in 2018. Her latest works include the TV film “Transit” (2018).

Porträt Ewa

Karolina Lodyga

Abbas wife Ewa is from Poland. As the only non-Arabic member of the Hamady clan, she feels left out and not respected. Despite all their differences, she stands by her husband and is dreaming of her own family with Abbas. During his time in prison, she becomes his most trusted ally and contact source to the outside world.

Karolina Lodyga started her career as an actress working for TV productions like the praised series "In the Face of Crime" (2010). That role landed her important parts in several movies and TV series, including being cast as the lead actress in "... und dann kam Wanda" and "Heimat ist kein Ort" as well as the movie "Treppe aufwärts" (2014). Apart from her role in “4 Blocks”, she has most recently worked for the TV productions "Schnell ermittelt" and "Wolfsland".

Porträt Latif


Since his release from prison and Abbas’ incarceration, Latif is solely responsible for the drug business of the Hamadys. He is organizing the import and transport of the cocaine, assigns the territories to the drug runners and supervises the income. Latif loves his wife Amara and their two children more than anything, but it seems as if Amara is not telling him everything.

Massiv, whose real name is Wasiem Taha, moved to Berlin with his family when he was teenager to join the local hip-hop scene. In 2006, he released his debut album „Blut gegen Blut“. The record was followed by several albums as well as his biography „Massiv: Solange mein Herz schlägt“ (2012), co-written with author Mariam Noori. He recently published his single “Milieu” from the new album “M10 II”, that came out in September 2018.

Porträt Kemal

Sami Nasser

Kemal is one of the closest confidants of Toni and ready to do anything for him. He is the most respected member of the clan after Toni and is his right-hand man. Whether it is a family member or one of their rivals – whenever somebody needs to be set straight, Kemal does the job and is not afraid to use deception or violence to get his way. He also manages the official businesses of the family, for example the strip club "Golden Dolls“.

Porträt Kartoffel

Matthias Keil
David Schütter

As the son of an influential real estate entrepreneur, Matthias Keil has grown up in luxury, but without emotional support. When he learns that Toni Hamady is looking for building grounds, he senses a big deal as well as the chance of approval of his father. But the young man soon comes to find out that socializing with the Hamadys can be very dangerous.

During and after his education at the Hamburg School of Acting, David Schütter has participated in many TV shows, including the TNT Series Original “Weinberg” (2015). He was awarded the Actor-Television prize for his role in the movie „Strawberry Bubblegums“ (2016). In 2018, he acted in the film „Werk ohne Autor“ and will be part of the 2019 Sky Production “Acht Tage”.

Porträt Zeki

Rauand Taleb

Zeki took on the responsibility for the confiscated cocaine. After one year in prison, he expects respect, gratitude and a high position in the power structure of the Hamadys. But instead he is presented with a new partner, Maruf, and is expected to still work as a drug runner. Disappointed by the lack of appreciation, Zekis loyalty is put to the test.

Rauand Taleb had his television debut in „Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter“ (2013). This act was followed by several roles in short films and TV productions like „Tatort - Schutzlos“ (2014) as well as theater plays like „Geächtet“ (2016). His role in the short film „Jeder Kanake gegen jeden Kanaken“ (2012), that he also directed, earned him praise at the Bavarian Youth Film Festival as well as the Franconia TV Short Film prize.

Porträt mohammad-al-saafi

Mohammad al-Saafi
Ahmed Hefiane

The al-Saafis were part of the educated – and influential – upper class in Lebanon and are in control of several central positions in Germany as well. When Toni beats them in a deal, their chief Mohammad not only loses money but also influence. But behind the image of a well-cultivated man lays an intelligent and very dangerous rival.

Ahmed Hefiane was born in Tunisia and completed his education at the l'Institut Supérieur d'Art Dramatique in Tunis. After several roles in the Tunisian theater and cinema, director Carlo Mazzacurati brought him to Italy for the movie "La giusta instanza“ (2007). Hefiane still lives in Italy and works for both Italian as well as Tunisian movie and TV productions, including the last movie of Stefano Sollima "Suburra“ (2015).

Porträt Ruff


Isha has made a name for herself as a female rapper in the music scene of Berlin and regularly performs in the city’s many clubs. The young woman is proud, confident and knows what she wants. When she runs into Maruf during a rehearsal, she is not hesitant to talk to him. Sparks fly immediately between the two, but due to the color of her skin, she is openly resented by his family.

Rapper Eunique, born Qidinah Eunique Cudjo, originates from Hamburg and started her music career in 2015 with a freestyle rap that she published on YouTube. After that, she collaborated on features of artists like Joy Denalane and Veysel. She released her first Album “Gift” in April 2018, and it climbed to number 7 of the German charts. The same year she started filming her own YouTube reality show "Becoming Eunique“ that follows her everyday life.

Porträt Kutscha

Oliver Masucci

Hagen Kutscha has been the head of the investigation against the Hamadys for a long time. He is driven by the desire to bring down the Arab clan, especially Toni Hamady. When he realizes that time is working against him, he turns to increasingly unorthodox methods and ignores the limitations of his authority.

Oliver Masucci studied at the Berlin University of the Arts and was a fixture of the Ensemble at the Viennese Burgtheater. His role in the comedy film “Er ist wieder da“ (2015) earned him a nomination as best actor at the German film prize in 2016. He played the role of Ulrich Nielsen in the first ever German Netflix production “Dark” in 2018, for which he gained international recognition.

Porträt Frankie


Frankie is an inmate at the prison in Tegel. He is not a man of many words but uses his frightening appearance to put the newbies in their place. However, his fellow inmate Abbas is not scared easily. Thanks to his good relations to both the outside as well as the staff of the prison, including social worker Harald “Elvis” Trebbe, Frankie controls the drug trade in Tegel.

GZUZ has been a member of the Hamburg-based group “187 Straßenbande” since 2006. His first solo album “Ebbe & Flut“ (2015) reached #2 of the German charts. His second release „Wolke 7“ (2018) made it to #1 in Germany. Season 2 of „4 Blocks“ is his Television debut.

Porträt Maruf

Hassan Akkouch

Maruf is Kemal's nephew and new to Berlin. Him and Zeki are supposed to work for the Hamadys as drug runners and distribute the clan’s drugs to smaller dealers as well as major customers. His real passion is music and he secretly dreams of a career on stage. When Maruf meets the female rapper Isha during a delivery to a club, he is immediately fascinated by her.

Hassan Akkouch was born in Lebanon and grew up in Berlin Neukölln. The award-winning documentary “Neukölln Unlimited” is recounting the story of his family, that was briefly deported in 2003. After studying at the Otto-Falckenberg-School, he became a resident member of the Munich Kammerspiele. He had his TV break-through with the film "Verbrechen nach Ferdinand von Schirach“ (2011). In recent years he has been seen in TV productions such as "Hindafing“ (2017).

Porträt Zaur und die Tschetschenen

und die Tschetschenen

Zaur and his mercenaries take care of the dirty aspects of the al-Saafis business – to complete a mission they literally walk over dead bodies. They use rampant brutality to spread the drugs of the Lebanese, intimidate rivals and they also don’t shy away from hired assassinations. However, when one of them is killed, it shows that the Chechens might follow different rules, but their sense of honor is just as profound as that of the Arabs.

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